Conservative dentistry

Keeping your own tooth is always the best option and the main goal of conservative dentistry.

Conservative dentistry includes the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases that affect the teeth. Superficial and deep cavities , dental fractures , alterations in development , etc.
In this way, the treatments included in conservative dentistry, previously called general, are; fillings and simple or complex reconstructions as well as endodontics, a technique in charge of preserving teeth when there is an infection or problem in the root or nerve of the tooth.


Endodontic treatment will be carried out when the caries becomes very deep and attacks the dentin, that is, the tooth is devitalized. This operation consists of removing the diseased pulp or nerve in its entirety and replacing it with a filling paste. 80% of devitalized and crownless teeth fracture within 5 years, extraction may then be unavoidable. In any case, this weakened tooth will have to have a crown placed.

Nowadays, with new rotary instrument systems, we have improved the efficiency of the treatment, even in more complex cases we achieve perfect endodontics.