Digital Radiology

3D Dental CT

Diagnostic tool that captures digital images
of bones, teeth, nerves and soft tissues in 3 dimensions.

A CT (Computerized Axial Tomography) is a 3-dimensional image that is obtained by projecting X-rays making several rotations around our head in. The type of CT CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) used in Terraza Dental Clinic emits the rays in a conical shape, thereby greatly reducing the radiation emitted . A conventional CT scan is equivalent to 70 tests with our C.B.C.T.TAC

Orthopantomography (known as panoramic radiography) is a 2-dimensional image also obtained with X-rays. It is less accurate than CT and originally it was not a digital image but a printed sheet. It is used to see the position of the teeth , as well as to assess the state of the joints and jaws.

Digital Teleradiography or Lateral Skull X-ray. Technique by which a lateral view of the skull and the bony structures of the face is obtained. It allows us to have a study of the patient’s facial growth and an assessment of the maxillary and mandibular structures and their relationships with the cranial bases.