Great clinic! With great professionals, I have received exceptional treatment from my first consultation. I am totally grateful to them for their services. Until next time!!

Javier Casasolas

I keep recommending him to all my family and friends, he is the best dentist. No one else has explained to me what I needed and given me a better price. Also this weekend he has treated me for an emergency and it is wonderful.

Maria Terradas Gómez

I can only thank having found this clinic, I was on vacation, it was an emergency, I could not receive a better response and treatment, thank you! !!

Jose M

Very modern clinic, with all the advances and hygienic. The deal is pretty close. The attention received has been excellent, very satisfied with the result, I recommend it 100%

Bernardo Caballero

Super thrilled to have this great professional as my dentist!😊😬😃

Jordi Van Alphen




– Implants + fixed teeth screwed in in 24 hours, even in cases where extractions have to be made.

– Guided and Navigated Surgery minimally invasive, painless and without stitches.

– Virtual surgical treatment planning with 100% digital workflow from the beginning to the execution of the treatment.

– Fixed prosthesis finished in evolved Monolithic Zirconium.

– First consultation without cost and without obligation.

I think it is a highly recommended clinic, the treatment is very good. You can see that they give importance to clients, since one day before your appointment they call you to remind you, if you had any difficult treatment, they call you to know how you are. The super professional doctor, everything he sees you explains how and why it happens and also how it is solved. Super agreeable and I recommend it.

Valentina Rosales

The most advanced in Estepona in terms of technology. The treatment of the client is personalized to the maximum, they call you after each surgery and notify you in advance of the appointment. Very friendly and the diagnoses are 100% correct. Highly recommended, maximum quality at an affordable price thanks to its possibility of financing.

Alejandro Reinaldo

Great professional. He has treated me and my family for years, we have a little girl, at that time 3 years with a problem that no one diagnosed … until we found it. We are from Córdoba and we go to Estepona just to be treated by Ramón … every time we beat ourselves up for miles, we are only grateful that he is not further away. Grace Ramón !!!

Jose García

I was passing through and a friend recommended the clinic to me. It quickly solved the problem I had in addition to getting rid of doubts regarding techniques that not all professionals know. Good professional and very up-to-date in the latest existing techniques.

Eva Prado

A very good experience. In addition to the good treatment and reassuring myself before the treatment, its hallmark is to be up-to-date with the latest innovative treatments in implants and orthodontics.
After two implants and my braces, my bite and my mouth are healthy and perfect. Highly recommended.

Rosa María García APerador